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Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association-File Bag

The purpose of the Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association is to foster public awareness and positive attitudes towards dementia through community education and to actively combat this disease.

The Macau Alzheimer's Disease Association has ordered the File Bag as an institutional gift. The File Bag is made of high quality Oxford cloth; it is waterproof and wear-resistant. The product will not fade and have deformation after a long-term use. The whole is firm and durable, because of the delicate handwork. This file bag is divided into three layers of zipper; the outer layer is a transparent mesh zipper. Each layer is different in size and can be placed in different categories. All the zippers have been tested repeatedly to ensure smooth and easy to use. The File Bag has two sizes for the customer to choose from, and it can meet your all requirements. Welcome to call us.

11437 File Bag
Civil Aviation Authority of Macao-Gift Set

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao was established on February 04, 1991 and is a public institutions with administrative, financial and property autonomy under the Macao Special Administrative Region Transport and Public Works Division. It is mainly responsible for guiding, regulating and monitoring the airspace civil aviation activities of the international and Macao Airspace.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao has ordered the Laser LED Touch Pen and Portable Digital Luggage Scale to serve as office supplies and promotional gifts. This product has many functions such as pen, LED light, touch pen and laser light. It is applicable to all capacitive touch screens. Secondly, the pen has two small buttons, which can realize LED light and laser red light respectively. The Portable Digital Luggage Scale is made of stainless steel and high strength ABS material, which is stronger and more durable. There is an LED display on the product and the reading is clear, so that the old man can see the degree clearly. When using the Portable Digital Luggage Scale, it will make an angle of 90°with the hook, which lead more accurate to the measurement. The Portable Digital Luggage Scale can weigh the travel luggage in advance, preventing from the issue of overweight. Quick to consult an order!

12081 Portable Digital Luggage Scale
13327 Laser LED Stylus Pen

The Macao Government Tourist Office is responsible for analyzing and assisting in the formulation and implementation of the Macao Special Administrative Region's tourism policy and is committed to establishing a quality tourism image for Macao.

The Macau Government Tourist Office has ordered a Leather Notebook as a government office supplies. A leather notebook whether is high quality or not depends on three standards: fine workmanship, superior fabrics and professional details, each standard is complementary and indispensable. This Leather Notebook has fine texture and delicate feeling with high-quality leather. The leather is durable without cracking, and it has a variety of colors to choose, such as red, orange, yellow and so on. It will not affect the comfort and beauty of the product even if a long-term used. The interior pages are made of high quality beige paper which is writing smooth and not easy to ink. High-density bookmarks are convenient for writing and focusing on marking and finding, making it easier to use. The cover of the leather notebook can be embossed LOGO, pattern, but also gold foil and hot silver. After all, the Leather Notebook can be a fine and practical gifts.

7514 Notebook
Mary Kay (HK) Ltd-Crystal Plate

Established in 1999, Mary Kay (HK) Ltd. is one of the 10 member companies of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association to provide customers with free skin care beauty program, personal make-up guide, different occasions, makeup design recommendations, free trial and delivery services.

Mary Kay (HK) Ltd. has ordered Crystal Trophy as a corporate souvenir for employees and customers who have made great contributions to the company's development. The crystal trophy is made of high quality K9 crystal with a series of polished process. The base part of the trophy is using the environmental UV non-shadow glue for seamless adhesion, not only can be strong, but also can be placed on the table safely. This crystal trophy has plenty of publicity space, business or school institutions can be based on actual needs to add LOGO and text in the trophy, to achieve good publicity effect. SourceEC has been rigorously screened for every crystal trophy to provide the highest quality product to our customers. Welcome to contact us.

4717 Crystal Plate
Vocational Training Council-Ice Cool Towel

The Vocational Training Council was established in 1982 and is the largest professional education institution in Hong Kong. It provides comprehensive pre-service and on-the-job training to approximately 250,000 students each year, with internationally recognized qualifications.

The Vocational Training Council has ordered the Ice Cool Towel as an institutional gift to students. The Ice Cool Towel adopts a new fabric, which can not only increase the comfort of the exercise, but also help the athletes to keep their body temperature and regain their physical strength during the exercise. The Ice Cool Towel is light and small just like feather, can reduce the burden of sports. Just three simple steps like soaking the towel, light twisting and shaking, you can easily experience the cool and refreshing pleasure. The Ice Cool Towel does not add any chemical cooling ingredients; it is apply to all ages with purely physical cooling effect. This product will be the best partner whether you go climbing or outdoor high temperature work.

10038 Ice Cool Towel
Christian & Missionary Alliance Ling Yan Church-Sun Flower Crystal Trophy

Christian & Missionary Alliance Ling Yan Church has ordered the Sun Flower Crystal Trophy as an activity gift. The Sun Flower Crystal Trophy is selected for the crystal material. The refractive and light transmittance is far better than the ordinary crystal. And the whole crystal is clear and dazzling. Each trophy is polished to make it smooth and feel good. This crystal trophy is made of a combination of octagonal and inner octagon and it is like a sunflower. The trophy is unique and deeply loved by all walks of life. The base of the crystal trophy is made of fine workmanship, using the environmental UV non-shadow glue for seamless adhesion, and you do not have to worry about the problem of degumming. The organization's LOGO of the sun flower crystal award is clear and distinct in color, which will achieve a lasting publicity effect.

6819 Sun Flower Crystal Trophy
Nexperia Hong Kong Limited.-Assorted Color Design Polo Shirt

Nexperia Hong Kong Limited. specially ordered the Polo Shirt from Source EC as an advertising shirt for corporate activities. This Polo shirt is made of combed cotton, and the texture is smooth and comfortable. The collar adopts casual lapel design, showing vigor and vitality. And the position of the cuffs and hem uses delicate and tight handwork to complete, so the durability is very strong, no matter it is washed repeatedly. The collar and sleeves of the shirt boldly choose the contrast color collocation; the clever collision color not only can improve a person's spirit, but also can highlight the individuality of the fashion. Welcome to call the consultation, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

17579 Assorted Color Design Polo Shirt
Nexperia Hong Kong Limited.-Parker Pen

Nexperia Hong Kong Limited. has customized Parker Pen as a corporate gift. The Parker Pen is mainly composed of a pen cap and a pen body, and both of them are indispensable. First, the pen cap has a metal pen clip with the use of Parker classic arrow design, showing high-end luxury. They can be worn in a shirt pocket for easy portability. Second, the grip position of this pen adopts a new design, which enhances grip and comfort, and the fingers will not feel tired even though you have written a long time. High precision stainless steel pen makes writing more smoothly. Please cover the pen cap after using, and it can prevent the pen head from contacting with the air for a long time which will lead to intermittent ink. The pen ring and the pen body of Parker Pen can be used for engraving, so that the customer can recall the impression of the enterprise in the process of using the pen, achieving a good publicity effect.

5379 Parker Pen
Jiayuan International Group Limited-Crystal USB Flash Memory

Jiayuan International Group Limited is a mature property developer, and has their development of large residential complex projects and commercial complex projects in all major cities in China.

Jiayuan International Group Limited chose the Crystal USB Flash Memory as a corporate gift. The capacity of this USB flash memory supports 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G and 64G, customers can order according to their own needs. The size of the product is 6x2x2 CM, which is very portable. It is more convenient and practical that the Crystal USB Flash Memory can be read and write at high speed without any drive. The insertion of each crystal USB flash memory is equipped with a metal protective cover, making the port difficult to be damaged. The data in the USB can be stored at least 10 years, and the number of plug-in can be as high as one million times, so the product is able to use a long time. Different from the printing technology of general product, this Crystal USB Flash Memory can make the enterprise LOGO and propaganda information in the crystal engraving, the whole appears more sophisticated.

5917 Crystal USB Flash Memory
AIA-Aphrodite Crystal Awards

AIA has ordered these Aphrodite Crystal Awards as a corporate gift to reward employees for their great contributions. The trophies on the market are usually made of ordinary glass material, which not only results in poor light transmission and refraction of the trophy, but also makes the whole product look bleak. The Aphrodite Crystal Award in Source EC, which is made of high quality crystal glass, has a good light and refractive light, shining brightly in the light. Secondly, crystal award introduces advanced engraving and printing technology, and customers can make their own words and logos according to their own needs. The size of the Aphrodite Crystal Award is 6.2x5.2x23.8 CM, and the whole shape is elegant. Every award is packed in a thick and shock-proof box, and it's very decent to give it to a good employee or an important guest.

6787 Aphrodite Crystal Awards
Wu Yee Sun College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong-Cutlery Set

Wu Yee Sun college has ordered the Cutlery Set as a campus gift. The Cutlery Set is made of food grade straw materials which can be degradable. It is safe and environmentally, so that people can use more at ease. This set has three colors of beige, green and red for customers to choose. The combination of chopsticks, spoons and forks applies to a variety of delicacies that can meet your multiple needs at once. In the details of the product, the fork edge is designed smooth, to prevent the occurrence of the accident. The spoon deepened the design of the groove and the capacity became larger. Chopsticks, with 170℃ concave hemispherical design, increase anti-skid ability. The design of three sets of tableware is exquisite, and all follow the design of temperature-resistant falls, the service life is longer. The Cutlery Set is fashion and environmental, it is an excellent choice for corporate gifts.

16079 Cutlery Set
Hang Seng Management College-Gel Highlighter Set

Hang Seng Management College is a registered college with college preparatory courses, located in Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin District, Hong Kong. In 1980, the Hang Seng Management College was founded by the Shanheng Fund and a number of directors of Hang Seng Bank.

Hang Seng Management College chose the Gel Highlighter Set as a promotional gift. The Gel Highlighter Set contains three different colors of highlighters, which is bright and beautiful, and it is very suitable for students and office staff to make important points. On the one hand, the precise matching of the pen cap and the pen body can not only prevent the evaporation of ink and prolong the service life of the highlighters, but also prevent from the breakage and smudge. On the other hand, the penholder is straight so that the writing is more smoothly and the ink is more fluid. The Gel Highlighter Set is small and exquisite and it is easy to carry. You can print company LOGO on the pen box, as a novel and unique business gift.

5267 Gel Highlighter Set
The Eslite Culture Hong Kong Limited-360ML Environmental Portable Mug

Hong Kong Eslite Culture Co., Ltd. has chosen 360ML Environmental Portable Mug as a corporate gift. This environmental portable mug is made of high-quality materials and it is able to bear a certain temperature from -20 ℃ to 100 ℃,which is more safer and healthier to drink. The mug is small and exquisite, and the capacity of it is only 360ML. The lid adopts PP safety material, and it is attached with a lifting rope, which is not leaking and can be carried out easily. You can more easily notice the level of water, because of the smooth and transparent mug body. In addition, the diameter of the mug is large, and it is easier to water and clean. The 360ML Environmental Portable Mug has a fixed advertising space for printing company LOGO and other information. As a high frequency product in daily life, the mug can play a better publicity so that people can remember deeply.

5600 360ML Environmental Portable Mug
EDU-SCIENCE (H.K.) LIMITED-540ML Suction Travel Mug

EDU-SCIENCE (H.K.) LIMITED was established in 1986, is a wholly-owned enterprises under the Hong Kong EDU-SCIENCE (Group) Co., Ltd.. The company is mainly engaged in the design and the manufacture of corporate trademarks and customers (OEM) of various intelligent toys and medical equipment products.

EDU-SCIENCE (H.K.) LIMITED ordered this 540ML Suction Travel Mug as a corporate gift. The size of the mug is 8.3x8.3x22.4 CM and the capacity of the mug can reach 540ML. The combination of PP resistance hydrosphere and ABS manufacturing sucker technology, makes the mug more safety and reliable. Even though it is placed in the high-speed driving car, the liquid will not overflow. The 540ML Suction Travel Mug has a variety of colors to choose from, such as black, green, red, blue and so on. It is a priority choice that sends the mug to a friend, relative, customer absolutely, because of its reliable quality, complete function and the unique LOGO design.

17183 540ML Suction Travel Mug
BELIMO Actuators Ltd.-Gift Set

BELIMO Actuators Ltd. is a Swiss company which is founded on June 1, 1975. And it not only has established branches and offices around the world, but also has become a global leader in the field of HVAC.

The note of BELIMO Actuators Ltd. is made by the combination of colorful stickers and pure white notes. On the one hand, the color of sticky notes is clean and easy to identify. It can be used not only for office, school, family and friends, but also for personal reminders. You can stick it firmly in a prominent position when using, and it will not fall off easily even if you paste it in many places. On the other hand, the paper of pure white notes is smooth and easy to tear off. The whole of the note is small and exquisite, so that it is convenient to carry. At the same time, the corporate can achieve the obvious propaganda effect by printing business LOGO on the product. Therefore, the printed enterprise LOGO on both the cover of the product and every page of paper can achieve the obvious propaganda effect.

3275 Jotter
17678 Memo Pad
International Precision Assemblies, Inc.-Wrist Band USB Flash Memory

International Precision Assemblies, Inc.customized Wrist Band USB Flash Memory as corporate gift. This USB finger is designed as a plastic bracelet with various colors that can be worn on your hands. When faced with important meetings and need to read the file temporarily, you can plug and play the USB flash memory immediately by removing from your hand. It is very convenient and reliable. This product has 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G capacities for customers to choose. And it supports a variety of file formats, with fast data transmission and reliable reading and writing ability. In addition, the Wrist Band USB Flash Memory's advertising position is very obvious. If the corporate prints business LOGO on the products, both users and other people will notice the advertisement information, having a very good publicity effect.

554 Wrist Band USB Flash Memory
Johnson Electric Industrial MFY Ltd.-Crystal Trophy

Founded in 1959, Johnson Electric Industrial MFY Ltd. is a large multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong with a global leadership in the fields of design, development and manufacturing of micro-motors and integrated motor systems.

The Crystal Trophy, which is made by Johnson Electric Industrial MFY Ltd., looks like a sailboat with the beautiful meaning of "Ride the wind and waves, everything is going smoothly ". The standard size of the trophy is 14.5x11x2 CM. The crystal is clear and dazzling which is far better than normal glass. This Crystal Trophy can be based on customer demand for text and LOGO printing, meeting the needs of all walks of life. The Crystal Trophy is pleasant to look at, whether as a prize or a gift. The size of another crystal trophy is 10x14.5 CM. The whole is smooth and feels good, without any edges or corners. This trophy can be customized a variety of colors, such as red, blue, black, yellow, purple, green and so on. In addition, the advertising space of the crystal award is very sufficient, the customer can make the text and the LOGO printing and arrangement according to their actual needs. And the advertising effect is immediate.

4231 Blue Crystal Trophy
5243 Crystal Trophy
International Culinary Institute-Trophy

The International Culinary Institute was founded in 1984 and offers a variety of cooking related professional courses, amateur courses and advanced cooking courses, where students can quickly and deeply learn world-class cooking techniques.

International Culinary Institute customized trophy for celebrations, competitions, outstanding student recognition, anniversary and other occasions. The trophy weighs about 300g and is high 25CM. In addition, the color of the body adopts the combination of red and black, that makes it look high-end atmosphere. Both the trophies and the advertising materials are all aluminum. Therefore, the trophy will be relatively low in cost except for the features of good texture, light weight and high strength. The trophy can print LOGO or text according to the requirements of the customer, leaving the winner with a deep and beautiful memory!

13749 Trophy
Youth College (Kowloon Bay)-Ball-point Pen with Stylus

Established in 2004, Youth College is a member of VTC Group which offers an interactive learning environment for youths above Secondary 3 to acquire knowledge and skills for further studies and employment.

Youth College ordered the ball-point pen with stylus as stationery gifts. Spread joy on your tablet as well as on paper! The ball-point pen with stylus has a soft rubber stylus on one end to glide easily across your touchscreen device for precise note taking, writing and drawing. Designed for use on capacitive touchscreen devices, like iPads and most new tablets and mobile phones, stylus pens can feel more natural for drawing and writing than using your finger, and helps keep your screen free from fingerprints. Most of these have a stylus on one end for use on touchscreens and a pen on the other, making them ideal for everyday use. Press the pen clip down, it is a ballpoint-pen that writes smoothly and clearly. Use multi-function pen giveaways to maximize your promotion!

14281 Ball-point Pen with Stylus
Armstrong China Holdings Ltd-Gift Set

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (AWI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative commercial and residential ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions.

Armstrong China Holdings Ltd ordered the gift set as advertising gifts. The gift set includes three promotional gifts; they are gloves, non-woven bag and multifunctional storage package. The non-woven bag is as large as to print all your information. The travel electronics organizer is aim to keep track of all the cords, SD cards, chargers, and earbuds that our smartphones, laptops, and cameras need to keep running; also perfect as a cosmetic carrying bag; additional large pocket in the back for large items like books, documents, tablets and etc. Each different size gadget can find its own most appropriate location, ideal for travel luggage; home and office use and save time on the go by easily finding what you need. At last, the gloves are the latest promotional items, welcome your enquiry.

859   Non-Woven Bag
8645   Multifunctional Storage Package
15545 Gloves

CHONG KIO FARMACIA CHINESA CO. is located in Macau. From the foundation so far, the company has been to promote the health of Chinese medicine for the purpose of health care and the business has been based in Macau and San Francisco of USA.

CHONG KIO FARMACIA CHINESA CO. selected the 380ML ceramic mug as promotional gifts. The couple ceramic mugs is great for everyday use, this single-wall ceramic mug holds the perfect amount of morning coffee, tea or other beverage. The unique short shape brings extra attention to your brand. A matte white handle complements its luxurious design, while keeping your hands away from the heat. Its sleek design, with a matte white exterior or black exterior looks luxurious. A contrasting-colored interior gives this imprinted mug an alluring finish. Energize each morning with imprinted mugs representing your company!

11952 380ML Ceramic Mug
Wyeth Nutrition-Crystal USB Disk

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is part of Nestle S.A. Wyeth Nutrition develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically-designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.

Wyeth Nutrition selected the crystal USB disk ad corporate gifts. The crystal USB flash drive is optimised for laptops, computers and devices with USB 2.0 ports. With capacities available up to 16GB, you’ll always have plenty of storage available. It is perfect for keeping all of your documents, videos, music and photos handy, storage has never been more fun. Express yourself-With eye-catching designs to reflect your personality and lifestyle. It is a sweet gift for your dear family and friends with exquisite frame package.

5167 Crystal USB Disk
The Hong Kong Social for the Deaf-Advertising Pen

The Hong Kong Social for the Deaf aims to provide comprehensive and professional services of the highest standard to ensure equalization of opportunities for the hearing impaired, and to promote self-development, self-actualization and self-sufficient and integration of hearing impaired persons.

The Hong Kong Social for the Deaf ordered the advertising pen to promote the association. These pens are like every other bic pen or logo pen with one exception - they help your marketing campaign. Think of them like tiny billboards where you can advertise your company logo or slogan to a large audience. Printing promotional pens with your company logo, slogan or phrase for all to see. Whether you are after budget personalised pens, executive promotional pens or Sharpie Pens we can help. With our friendly, efficient service and low prices across all our promotional products, we really are the experts and see customers returning again and again.

13261 Advertising Pen
Walkers-500ML Bottle

Walkers ordered the 500ML stainless water bottle as summer gifts. Straight, streamlined body shape provides for easy handling in the gym, at the desk or on the bike trail. Your message comes out looking slick on this metallic printed water bottle. Flip-up sipper spout on the black screw-on cover prevents splashes when they’re on-the-go. A removable straw is connected to the spout so you don't even need to tip your head back. Gleaming stainless steel construction provides a vivid background for your logo.

12483 500ML Bottle
Shell-Gift Set

Shell ordered two gifts as souvenirs. The bottles are made from 100% non-toxic imported Tritan co-polyester plastic, which is do no harm to our body and it is environmentally friendly. What's more, its environmental material makes it safe even you pour the 100 ℃ hot water in it. It is premium quality single wall design that is unlike the other dull, off the shelf water bottle. Another is promotional towel. This beautiful hand towel custom embroidered with logo on it. The crisp white towel makes your message stand out! Your customers will snuggle up to your logo with the soft-sheared, 100% cotton cloth towel. Choose your color hand towel and choose your color embroidery. This useful giveaway will have them remembering your company. Also, it is great for cheering on your team, keeping cool and dry or cleaning equipment.

9063 Sports Bottle
8472 Colored Cotton Towel
De Rigo Hong Kong Limited-Ice Cool Towel

De Rigo Hong Kong Limited manage to set up such a widespread wholesale network that markets our products in over 80 countries, through 16 branches, over 100 independent distributors and 5 retail divisions serving a total of 50,000 customers.

De Rigo Hong Kong Limited ordered the ice cool towel in SouceEC as their promotional gifts. After a lengthy bike ride or run, wrap this dampened towel around your neck. As you catch your breath and sip your drink, this cloth will help you cool down. After use, simply rinse the towel thoroughly with clean water; wring excess water from towel and place in the plastic pouch it came in. It's better to be over-prepared when it comes to outdoor activities and workouts ... especially ones where you'll be in the sun. Throw the ice cool towel in your pack to provide relief after a long, hot day.

10038 Ice Cool Towel
CITIC Pacific Limited-Cotton Handkerchief

CITIC Limited is the largest conglomerate in China and an established global player, with businesses covering financial services, resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting and real estate as well as others.

CITIC Pacific Limited selected the cotton handkerchief as corporate gifts. Buy a set of handkerchief for yourself or as a gift for others. The cotton handkerchief is perfect for gentlemen, grandfathers, fathers, dads, birthdays or anyone who enjoys a classic hankie. Wonderfully crafted from 100% cotton makes the handkerchief naturally soft. Cotton is the perfect handkerchief material. It is not too thick or too thin. Dry cleaning or hand washing in cold water with a light detergent is highly recommended. The custom handkerchief is stylish enough for daily use or special occasions.

14093 Cotton Handkerchief
Citilog Asia Pacific Limited-Sport Bluetooth Headset

Citilog Asia Pacific Limited chose the sport Bluetooth headset as gifts idea. When out for a run, the last thing you want is wiggly ear buds. This stylish sport headphone set provides a lightweight fit that stays in place. The headphones wrap around the head with over-the-ear pieces. No cords are involved either-- wireless technology gives you complete freedom. The headset allows you to listen to music from your phone or take calls. You can even scroll through songs and adjust the volume with the controls on the headpiece.

12588 Sport Bluetooth Headset
Herbalife International of Hong Kong Ltd-Opening Ribbon

Herbalife International of Hong Kong Ltd customized the opening ribbon as souvenirs to the celebrations. This ribbon ties in with your company's attention to detail! Your continuous imprint is featured on this 20cm width ribbon for approximately 460cm of its length. Premium satin material has a nice sheen for that extra special touch. This spool of ribbon is perfect for gift wrapping, party decoration or ribbon-cutting ceremonies or running competitions. A grand opening ceremony will start your new venture off on the right foot. Find all the necessary supplies to have an exceptional ribbon cutting ceremony at SourceEC.

15252 Wide Ribbon
Gulf Agency Co (HK) Ltd-Eco Pen

Since its establishment in 1974, GAC Hong Kong has been providing quality shipping and logistics services in this major import and export hub.

Gulf Agency Co (HK) Ltd selected the eco-pen as eco-friendly gifts. Pens made from recycled plastic, recycled paper, corn & vegetable derivative bioplastic, wood and more... your choices for a logo eco pen have never been this good. Eco pens are priced competitively with traditional pens. Eco friendly push-button promotional ballpoint pen made from recycled paper with a choice of five popular trim colours. Fantastic choice of branded eco-friendly pens show off your eco-credentials.

2099 Eco Pen

Important Terms: The product design, artwork, trademark and logos imprinted on products are reproduced as examples only.
Actual usage requires consent of trademark and licensed property owners. Trademark bearing merchandise can only be purchased by or through the trademark owner company.
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