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Client Comment

The product is very nice and good quality. I appreciate the sales' good manner, and more gifts choice as well.

Ms Yim 

SourceEC service is very good, they are patient to explain all the details to me. The price is affordable and reasonable.

Mr Chan 

That's kind of SourceEC to help me a lot on my promotional bottles. It's a reliable gifts supplier that I am willing to recommend.

Ms Christina Ip 

The sports bottle is nice with good logo printing which is appreciated by our clients. I am satisfied with sales patient service and wide range of gifts.

Ms Winnie Leung 

Pleased to receive this multi-functional pen holder because of its high quality and reasonable price. Sales tried their best to fulfill our request and follow the order seriously.

Ms Jenny Kwong 

SourceEC is trusted partner for me. Salesman know our needs clearly and give us professional advice. High quality promotional gifts do me a favor for advertising.

Audrey Ng (Merchandisin Team) 

We received the products on time. They're good quality. Sales did their best to meet my request. Besides, SourceEC has great amount of products for selections.

Ms Bonnie Tang 

Sales was helpful in the whole order process and work hard to meet our request, to give us samples. I am satisfied with her intimate service.

Ms Grace Cheng 

It's our first cooperation with SourceEC. Both of their service and products are perfect.

Mr So 

We cooperate with SourceEC all the time. They didn't dissapoint me this time. The price was suitable for us, professional suggetions as well.

Ms Alison Wong 

I appreciated with SourceEC sales because they provide us more helpful suggestions on our gift mug. Logo printing is so good.

Ms Leung 

It's not our first time cooperating with SourceEC. Good quality, fine logo printing and patient sale are the reasons we choose it as our gifts provider. We will cooperate with SourceEC in the future.


The suggestions on our gifts were useful. We found the quality is fine. We satisfied with the logo printing and the reasonable price.

Ms Yannis Li 

Sales is very good and help more to solve the problems. We are pleased to find the logo printing is prety good and the quality is fine. Moreover, the price is reasonable.

Mr Kevin Law 

Sales worked hard to meet our requirements on the order contract. We feel happy to chat with sales who is nice. We accept the service and the gifts for they are really good.

Ms Amy Cheung 

Sales' serious attitude impressed me. We could not find any quality problems. The kites are nice and logo printing is beautiful. We like it and appreciate sales' efforts.

Ms Winnie Leung 

The promotional umbrella have been received and we gave them to our customers directly. They have been checked randomly and no problems of quality could be found. Sales's professional advice fufill our confident and the price is completely acceptable.

Mr Chan 

Sales gave us professional suggestions. SourceEC's producs are rich enough for us to choose. We are pleased to choose the usb pen.

Ms Fung 

I am satisfied with SourceEC's service. Their patience and genuineness impressed me so much. Sales provided me valuable recommands on my gifts. Furthermore, good quality and rich choices provicded on the website.

Ms Choi 

Sales was considerate. We are pleased to the whole order process. Products are perfect. We are also happy to find varities of products and detail category on the website.

Ms Julia Ng 

The digital frames were arrived on time. The printing is nice. It's of good quality but reasonable price. We like it very much.

Ms Phiann Lau 

We checked randomly and found no quality problems of the pen gift sets. Sales close follow-up and nice made me feel satisfy.

Ms Amy Lam 

Sales follow up seriously and they impressed me. The Key USB Flash Drives were given to customers as souvenirs. We received no complaints till now.

Ms Emily Poon 

Sales's attitude is worth to recongize. Products were presented to the people who join the meeting. The clients said the gifts are of good quality.

Mr Michael Lau 

I was pleased to cooperate with SourceEC. The sales is good manners and made me comfortable. Look forward to cooperating next time.

Ms Judy Hui 

The sports bottles were nice. We are satified with the quality. The product helped us more for our promotions. The whole cooperation is satisfied.

Ms Cheung 

Nothing problem with the quality. Logo printing is ok. Sales replied in a short time and their service was nice.

Ms Kennis Leung 

Sales service was perfect, quotation was reasonable and souvenir styles are rich. SourceEC is a reliable souvenir company.

Mr Adrien Yip 

Cooperate with SourceEC for several times. I feel comfotable each time. Sales' serious service is fantacstic. The quotation is complete acceptable.

Mr George Fung 

Cooperate with SourceEC again, it's still reliable. I am satisfied with their service. The logo printing on USB Flash is really good.

Mr Cheung 

The usb flash drives are gave to teachers as gifts. They has been used by teachers for a while and received no reflects of any quality problems. Sales follow up intimately. SourceEC is a fantastic gifts supplier.

Principal So 

We quote several souvenir companies but choose SourceEC finally. Because the price is reasonable. SourceEC did not dispoint me, the towels are fine. By the way, the sales is nice and patient.

Poon YUK/Ms Tang 

Sales was helpful and her service was good. The usb completely nice. Logo printing is beautiful. Correct quantity and the price is acceptable.

Mr James Leung 

The key USB Flash Drives are great. Sales were indeed patience and made me happy. Price is acceptable for such high quality.

Ms Kelly Chiu 

The souvenir mugs are nice, and were delivered in time. I feel comfotable with sales attitude. She contacted me constantly to confirm the status and track the goods tightly.

Ms Carman Yam 

We are surprised that t he mugs haven't been found cracks or damage when delivered. Sales is intimate and we feel good of all the process. Courier deliver in time.

Mr Yiu 

The usb flash drives have been received without any problems. The price is affordable. Sales service is good enough. She try her best to meet our needs.

Ms Stephanie Mak 

We are pleased to the good manner of sales. The service is good and the products are rich on website. We except to see more new products and we will choose SourceEC next time.

Mr Ricky Choi 

It's our first time to cooperate with SourceEC. Sales service is perfect and provide us professional suggestions. Price is reasonable for this fine quality.

Ms Carrie Yu 

SourceEC sales were patient to help me solve the problems and followed up our order well. They gave us more professional advice and the goods finally arrived on time.

Ms Doris Tang 

Sales' good manner and hard working, high quality, reasonal price, that's all I am satisfied with.

Ms Cindy 

SouceEC's products are rich in sorts and colors. I ordered and was surprised that I got the quotation no sooner than I enquired. The price was acceptable and the mini fan is nice.

Mr Lai 

Sales soulved my problems with patient and genuiness. The order deal in a proper price. The promotional mugs and the logo printing are nice.

Ms Elaine Lai 

The service of Sales is good with quick quotation. It provided many souvenirs items. The ordered USB memory drives are in good condition.

Ivan Lau 

The mug gifts are sent to parents and guests in School Anniversary. We met printing difficulty but it doesn’t affect the delivery. Sales is responsible and raise up the problems once discovered.


We have cooperated with SourceEC for several years. The sales did well in follow up process and the products are good quality.

Michael Lau 

Very satisfied with this product order, the attitude of sales is very enthusiastic, fast quotation. Its products are sufficient, provided with the gifts we want at a reasonable price.

Mr Roy 

Sale’s service attitude is very good, and the quoted price is perfectly acceptable. The multi-function knife classification is very clear.

George Fung 

The quotation is very fast and the price is reasonable. Sales try their best to seek for suitable gifts for us. Typhoon was hosted during the gifts delivery, sales have done a good job and responsible for tracking the items for us. We feel satisfied.


The ordered USB flash drive is sent to guests. The logo printing is fantastic. Good offer with reasonable price. The sales did very well in all aspect.


I am very satisfied with the paper bag souvenirs and the service attitude of sales. SourceEC has many gift choices with efficient quotation.

Vivian Li 

The muli-fuction knife is of no big problem, the sale’s service and attitude are good. I look forward to the next cooperation.

Terry Law 

Sales offer quickly with good attitude, a lot of the products on the website. The ordered gift items are good.


The attitude of Sales is good and fast quotation. The price is reasonable. Hope SourceEC keeps on launching new products especially USB Flash Drive.

Carmen Yeung 

It's wise for us to select SourceEC items as our promotional gifts because the quality is really fine. They reply my inquiry fast. The service attitude makes me comfortable. SourceEC is reliable and trusted.

Holy To 

We need gift of low price, fine quality and practical. SourceEC understands and gives all to us. The sales provide professional ideas for me on the vacuum flask. We are satisfied with the service.

Kevin Chu 

SourceEC has more good products of reasonable price. I am well pleased with the sales' fast offer and good attitude.

Jackie Chiu 

SourceEC gifts are of reasonable price and various styles. They are sincerely to accept our suggestion that improve their service on transport. I look forward to the next cooperation with SourceEC.

Connie Cheng 

Lots of styled gifts and good service attitude make me believe SourceEC is a trusted gift sourcing company. That's the reason we cooperate with each other for a long time.

Sandi Kwok 

We cooperate with SourceEC several times. The sales are warm-hearted and help us a lot. I'm rest assured their products and service. Strongly recommended.

Ms Tang 

We are satisfied with SourceEC's arrangement. They completed the job perfectly to solve our problems of rush delivery time. It made me be at ease and feel happy.

Mr Hui 

The promotional gifts are of good design and high quality. We receive no customers' complaints till today, and appreciate their fast reply and good service.

Mr Chan 

I am satisfied with the pedometer, and sales service attitude is commendable. SourceEC is a trusted gift supplier so that we will keep in touch and make further cooperation.

Joe Chiu 

The easy-printed warmer which brings us good advertising effects is of better quality. I am full of expectation of their advance and further cooperation.

Mr Wong 

The T-shirt, pen, box and USB Flash we ordered from SourceEC played well in our promotions. We are grateful and satisfaction.

Ms Yau 

The sales of SourceEC is good and patient. They are sincere to help me solve the problems. Look forward to the next cooperation, and I am happy to recommend SourceEC to other companies.

Ines Wong 

The type of the gift is various and the price is suitable in SourceEC. The sales are nice and make me happy in the whole purchasing process. I am satisfied with SourceEC service.

Oli Ching 

The children are very glad to get the chopstick set. The quality is fine to expand our image. We will continue to cooperate with SourceEC for their rich product categories.

Cathy Sham 

Rich item styles, good quality and patient sales, that's why I choose SourceEC as our gift provider. SourceEC provides reliable service that I am willing to recommend.

Mr. Chui 

Sales are very enthusiastic, quick quotation, many gift choices on the website and reasonable price. The received products are in good conditions. The entire service process is good.

Fonny Leung 

Though the price is a little higher, the quality is commendable. The sales try their best to help me and make me feel at home. I will continue to use SourceEC product and service.

Katie Ho 

Three points that attract me to select SourceEC, there are abundant categories, high quality and professional service. I often concern about SourceEC website, and hope we will have further opportunities for business.

Katie Tam 

Sales have good attitude, fast quotation and lots of product choices with reasonable price. But I hope SourceEC can provide more choices of packing box and gift box.

Connie Cheng 

I am very pleased with the adapter gifts. The sales provided good service and quick quotation. We would like to cooperate with SourceEC to order Coffee mug again.

Anney Woo 

The sale’s service attitude is very good and detail-minded. The product design is quite good. SourceEC can fulfill our requirement and the price is acceptable. We will continue to find SourceEC  for other premium orders.

龔老師 / 方老師 

Good service attitude and quick quotation. Reasonable price and numerous product choices.

Carmen Yeung 

The USB logo is printed with good effect and acceptable quotation. SourceEC has many souvenir choices and all gifts are very attractive.

Mo Cheng 

We have ordered seven gifts from SourceEC with very few products having quality problems. Most are in good conditions. The sales provide immediate follow up and replace the items to us. The sales is very detail-minded and the price is moderate.

Mr Leung 

The service attitude is very good for sales. There are no quality problems and the logo is well printed. The price is economical and the quotation process is quick.

Annora Ng 

The logo printed on the USB flash drive is very nice with good quality. The price is reasonable. The service and follow up of Sales is very good. It will be more perfect with even faster delivery.

Christina Ng 

Friendly service attitude of sales with responsible follow-up. The prices of premiums are economical and reasonable.


Sales is having a good service attitude and quick quotation. Many different gift styles and prices are reasonable.

Mr Hugo 

Acrylic Photo Frame is in good quality which we sent to colleagues. The price is reasonable. We will cooperate with SourceEC again for premiums.

Fish Cheung 

The received environmental chopsticks have a good appearance. Quick quotation. The sales provide enthusiastic services to us. SourceEC has many gifts items to choose, I hope can be more in the future.

Castle Lau 

We help organized the concert successfully. The finger lightener is good and the attitude of sales is satisfied with quick quotation.

Ms Joey 

Excellent service with detailed communication. Sales try their best to advise and solve the problems. SourceEC has many products style with a very reasonable price. We had referred the sales to other clients for gift orders.

Anita Ng 

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