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Artwork Guide

1. What's Outline?
Before output film or printing, text in the artwork should be converted to outlines.
2. What will happen without converting to outline?
If the print company has no word fonts that can match your required design and your artwork is not outline,it will default by using other fonts instead. As a result, your design style will be different from the original one.

3. How to judge if it's outline?
(1)Open the artwork with AI or CorelDraw, select text to see if there are many dots.
(2)Select one of the letter(e.g. "M" as following), then use pen tool to pull one dot. If it appears changes, the text should be outline format.

4. Three steps to convert to outline easily.
First step, open CorelDraw or AI, create a new file.
Second step, enter text and use the word font you like.
Third step, select all the letters and convert them to outline(Please find the following operation).


Adobe Illustrator:

1. Do not use paragraph text layout which can not be converted to outline.
2. In order to avoid overlapping or missing contents, please do not use "Layer(s)".
3. If you use CorelDraw version 9, please do not use font of , it will result in the following case (many holes in the word) when converting to outline.

We provide outline converting service.
No more than 50 words with specified fonts, charge HK$150.
Important Terms: The product design, artwork, trademark and logos imprinted on products are reproduced as examples only.
Actual usage requires consent of trademark and licensed property owners. Trademark bearing merchandise can only be purchased by or through the trademark owner company.
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