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Cross Pen

Gross (ATCross) America's oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, AT Gros products in the United States pens industry's most collectible antique. Gross family to get involved in the production line of jewelry industry, the founder of Gross child to use gold and silver ink pencil cases and pencil box making. AT Gross in his later years, summed up the achievements of his career, won 25 individual patents related to writing instruments, including fountain pen 5, 9 pointed fountain pen, ink pen and fountain pen tip combination of the three, six pencil , pen clip 1, a glazing technique. Most people think pointed fountain pen is a high official of the greatest achievements. It makes ink pen and Communication Arts that has been completely reformed. Tip pen is the first to use the ink can be written simultaneously write multiple copies of complex writing tools. Fountain pen tip is so important an invention that almost immediately announced to the United States Post Office must use pen.

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