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  To avoid your gifts being useless when passing your advertising message, PLA mug is your best choice. The mug is made of 100% PLA. PLA is Polylactic Acid and is made from corn starch. It takes 180 days to biodegrade when in direct contact with organic substance, such as soil. The mug can bear 100℃ without producing peculiar smell and satisfy USA and the EU protection requirement. The particular handle is good hand feel that can be convenient to hold. It is a 100% Eco friendly product and gives enough space for your logo and advertising. The image of your company can easily be link up with your caring of environment.


How to make the traditional stationery be your corporate gift? What about the Eco-friendly pen? Kraft paper body is spontaneous decomposition, non-toxic, harmless to the environment. Other fittings are made by the PLA material .The degeneration process of PLA is divided into two stages, the first stage is the gradual degradation into lactic acid and other molecules, the second stage is the degradation of these smaller molecules by micro-organisms, which then become organic material. Various of colors are available and the body can be imprinted logo and corporate information. Promote your corporate, and transfer the message of protecting environment as well.

Recycled Notebook

Recycled notebook impressed people much for its simple image. This notebook is manufactured of wood free paper with a cardboard cover. A natural style blank cover provides a large space for your advertising. The way it is bound make it convenient to turn pages and write. A recycled pen companies is made of kraft and PLA. With a plastic file bag, it's suitable for meeting or out for business trip. The whole set is a Eco-friendly and elegant present .

Recycled Pencil

Different from traditional wooden pencil, recycled pencil is made of old newspaper or kraft. Otherwise, it can help save wood. It is unpolluted since the whole pencil can be resolved into water and carbon dioxide after degradation. Our manufacturer use improved technology to reduce shockproof so that it is durable.The refill is of high quality and writes fluently. Colors could be to your preference, and suit for various people. It would be a warm hearted gift with logo.
  Recycled / Bamboo Lanyard
Natural bamboo is the raw material of the Natural Bamboo fiber. The bamboo cellulose extracted from the bamboo is made of physical methods, such as cooking and processing done by the system. It does not contain any chemical additives, it is a real sense of environmental protection fiber. Fiber luster bright, and has a unique anti-bacterial odor and excellent coloring properties, and rebound, and drape, abrasion resistance, anti- bacterial, especially wet moisture release, permeability of the fiber of the first home. At the same time it also has the soft, comfortable, smooth, good drape characteristics, while the wear resistance of bamboo fiber are particularly good, its strength is also very high.

Recycled / Bamboo Lanyard

It is made of nanometer-level bamboo carton and polyester,by using special technology so called mixed fiber springing at some ration. Bamboo is a cellulose fiber that is easily broken down in the soil. This new lanyard is comfortable to wear, strong, durable and natural antibacterial. We use water-based ink without any odor,the ink is made from a dye-free natural material and creates no harm to the environment. 10/15mm with 12 standard colors provide Silk Screen printing for microwave lanyard only.

Manual Torch

To satisfy your four desires--save money, protect environment, keep fit and develop ideation, you do use manual torch. The small size with a string can be carried conveniently. A mini charger inside makes it use without batteries or electrification. Press to charge for lighting and it's convenient when out or meet an urgent moment. It's not only a realia which helps students learn the theory of generating electricity by cutting the magnetic field, but also a keep fit appliance that helps exercise the fingers and develop ideation.

Recycled Jute Bag

  Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recycled. It leaves nothing harm to the environment after burning. This new Eco-friendly material can be used to produce recycled jute bag which is high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breath-ability. The bag is available in a wide range of useful sizes with logo printing, or tailor made by to your specification. It would be the best gift for all trades as promotional gift, advertising product, marketing present, etc.
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